NSJ Group is a private Company project.

Founded 01/01-2021



I have the pleasure of welcoming you to Nsj Group's new website and to my little hobby project.

My name is Morten Galgehoej and I am 41 years old, founder of the Nsj Group and im from North Zealand, Denmark.

Im office graduated in public administration / Economy.

with more than 12 years of sales experience.

All my life i have been walking arround with an entrepreneur in my stomach and a boys dream of starting my own project one day.

This whole idea was initially just a crazy idea, but I could not let go of the idea of developing Nsj group into a company, so I chose to work further with the idea behind.

Nsj Group is not registered with CVR, it is therefore not registered as a company and therefore only a hobby project so far. However, it will happen in the future that Nsj Group CVR is registered.

At Nsj Group, we place a high value on the right ideas and projects and take pride in getting them to take shape.